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Don’t just take our word for it!

“… My wife and I learned of your rebounding product approximately two years ago, and have been using it ever since. First one unit, then two – then three units. We keep them handy on all floors of the house and find its convenience exceeds by a factor of ten any other exercise product. Just by doing ten minutes in the morning, or even five, or even three minutes while watching the news and weather, you are awake and feeling just great. No other exercise can offer that. Then for the evening pickup, after a long day, again – the recirculation of the blood facilitated by your rebounder cannot be achieved in any other exercise procedure or equipment that we are aware of, and we have tried them all. The rebounder speeds up metabolism and thereby burns calories faster and serves as a weight control device which has no equal. I simply cannot praise the concept and your particular product line more highly. ….”

L.P. in Toledo, OH

“… The instant that I set foot on my rebounder, I smile big. I don’t smile like this when I’m on my bike or doing any other form of exercise that I enjoy. There’s something about rebounding that nourishes my inner child. I love every mental and physical health aspect to rebounding on my Needak. I just wish there was someway to make the activity a little quieter. My house isn’t huge and it would definitely wake my husband and kids in the morning if I were to use it. I have to rebound when everybody is already up and about. Otherwise, I love it! …”

Christine in Newtown, CT

“… We have been buying Needak rebounders for about 11 years now. We have twins with auditory processing difficulties. (They would fall onto the autistic spectrum.). One of them especially HAS to jump. He jumps 2 hours a day. Years ago we use to buy the cheap mini-tramps that lasted only a month or so. I was thrilled when we discovered Needak Rebounders. We have several because more than one person wants to jump at a time. My twins are now adults and 210 pounds and still jump a lot. The one still jumps 2 hours a day. Also great customer service. Thanks so much! …”

Bonnie in Cedar Hills, UT

“… The Needak rebounder is an excellent piece of equipment for commercial use they give …”


“… We have had the Needak® Soft-Bounce for about two weeks or so. My wife’s pain in her hips and arms has completely disappeared….”

A.L. in Juneston, OR

“… I had bone spurs on both my heels for about 15 years and needed arches in my shoes so I could walk comfortably. I also had a calcium build up on my fifth vertebrate in my back. After using the rebounder for only three weeks – my spurs had totally disappeared; my neck took a little longer. I have now had my rebounder for over 4 years and enjoy using it everyday. Again, a big THANK YOU!…”

H.M in Edmonton, AB

“… Rebounding exercise is the best exercise in the world! Now that I’ve tried rebounding, I have progressed more in 2-3 months than in 3 years on the Nordic Track. My primary exercise, and the one I now recommend to my patients, especially for upper body shaping and toning, overall cell exercise and health, and just plain fun, will now be the rebounder ….”

Dr. R.P in Nashville, TN

“… The rebounder is great! I lost 8 lbs and beat my 6’3’’, 180lb boyfriend at arm wrestling after only 2 months of use! Then he started bouncing and his masseuse asked him, ‘I know you’ve been working out for 2 years – what have you been doing the past week?’ She actually felt the difference in his muscles! …”

B.L. in New York, NY

“… I was recently diagnosed with MS. I changed my diet and exercise with the rebounder 1 to 3 times a day. I have lost 15 pounds and everyone says I look so healthy. I feel that the rebounder has given me strength. I have my 66 year old mom using it, and I even put my one year old daughter on it – she loves it! …”

L.D. in Amity Harbor, NY

“… I keep my rebounder at the foot of my bed and use it daily ….”

Bob Hope in Toluca Lake, CA

“… The Needak® Soft-Bounce rebounder is a smile generating device. Who would want to do without it for even a single day? ….”

J.Q. in Riebland Center, WI