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Frequently Asked Questions

To learn more about the rebounder, please explore our FAQ section below. For further details, call us today at (402) 336-4083 or (800) 232-5762.

Is your rebounder design outdated?

Needak® offers a solid, time tested design. For instance, our hinge design is virtually indestructible. It costs us more to build it, but we know it will provide years of service and establishes a solid and stable rebounding platform. Over the years, various “pretty” new designs have been offered. Some of these endangered the user and eventually all have failed.

Why is your rebounder “round” instead of some other shape?

The round design is the best because it places even stress force upon all components. As you rebound, the same force is applied to the mat, springs, and frame in front of you, behind you, and on either side of you. Most designs with corners (square, octagon, etc.) have evenly spaced springs for ease of production. This forces the springs in the corners to absorb unequal impact and they tend to break more frequently than the springs along the straight sides which do not flex as much. Needak has produced rebounders since January of 1990 and we have yet to see a unit with straight sides that equalize forces properly.

Why is your Soft-bounce spring better than other types of springs for rebounding?

Needak® Mfg. innovated the Soft-bounce spring which absorbs as much as 85% of the impact of each bounce. This is due to the unique barrel shape of the spring. The diameter of the coils increases as you move toward the center of the spring. There are generally 2 types of springs found on imported rebounders. The classic spring found on low-end imported rebounders is a shorter spring and tends to be very stiff. A few imports use a spring that looks like our Soft-Bounce™ spring. Needak offers a spring to match the feel of a classic spring, but it is designed to last considerably longer than the brittle imported classic spring.

Fact: Springs will break. This is something marketing companies don’t want you to think about. However, common sense and the basic laws of physics tells you that if you flex metal, it will eventually break. We do not make exaggerated or unfounded claims about our springs. It would surprise you how many people come to us for springs and relate stories of dissatisfaction with marketing companies who told them things such as, “Our springs never break, that is why we don’t carry them in stock. You obviously misused your rebounder to cause breakage.” If you leave a rebounder in the closet and never use it, you won’t break springs. If you get the benefits out of a rebounder, spring replacement is an inexpensive maintenance item.

What materials may I expect to find in my Needak® rebounder?

All Needak® rebounders are built with a heavy-grade, all steel, frame. Clevis pins through the frame hold thirty-six (36) 4 1/4″ long, custom-made springs. The polypropylene “jump mat” or rebounding surface is 28 1/4 inches in diameter and is sewn together using high-grade nylon thread with two layers of strong nylon webbing stitched around the mat’s edges. The special design of our mat holds 18 safety cleats to which a pair of springs attach. Should you choose to purchase the optional frame skirt, it is made of a rip-resistant nylon cloth that repels oil and water. If your rebounder is a half folding model, the Needak® hinge is time tested and virtually indestructible. It is securely welded to the frame, providing the safest, most stable rebounding platform available.

Just What is Permatron®?

Permatron® is one of several brand names for polypropylene fabric that is resistant to ultraviolet rays, doesn’t break down as do other fabrics, and allows no moisture absorption. The tradename Permatron is one of several products on the market using polypropylene. The important factor is the quality of the polypropylene thread used in the weave. North American fabrics are very stable. Many Asian polypropylene fabrics are blends and are not stable in the long term.

What are the dimensions of the Needak® rebounder?

The Needak® rebounder is round, 40 inches in diameter and stands 10″ tall. The “jump mat” or rebounding surface is 28 1/4″ in diameter, providing very ample room for performing easy to strenuous bounces and exercise routines.

Is the half fold rebounder as strong and sturdy as the non-fold style?

Yes. Our rebounders frames are built with heavy-grade, all steel construction and while the half fold is truly portable, it is incredibly strong and durable.

If my jump mat becomes frayed or wears out, or a spring breaks, will I be able to replace these parts or will it be necessary to purchase another rebounder? 

Yes. The Needak® rebounder is built to give you a lifetime of healthful exercise. To that end, we offer replacement parts for our rebounder line so that you may continue to use your equipment without replacing it entirely. Most replacement parts are user serviceable and require only a few simple tools.

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Why don’t you supply a free frame skirt?

The purpose of a frame skirt is to hide the springs from view. Some claim it is there to keep the springs clean. Others insist it will deflect your feet from stepping on the bullhorn cleat. Since our rebounder does not use bullhorns there really isn’t any reason to have a frame skirt.

Does Needak offer a warranty? 

Yes. The Needak® warranty is the best manufacturer’s warranty available for rebounders made today. We are proud of our rebounder and gladly stand behind it. Please see our warranty page for the full details. 

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What is the difference between the Needak® rebounder and others?

Needak® is a manufacturer of rebounders — and rebounders are the ONLY thing we manufacture. Models available through discount stores or marketing/promotion companies are likely imported. We have control over all aspects of production — they get the most inexpensive model they can (Generally quality is not an issue with marketers, only price). Needak® insists on producing the highest quality rebounder. Our price may be a few dollars more, but you get a rebounder that will provide many years of service and is more gentle on your body. If it doesn’t have the Needak label on it, you can be almost 100% certain it is an Asian import.

I bought a used rebounder at a garage sale. Is there any way to tell if it is a Needak® rebounder?

Needak® rebounders have both a label on the mat and a serial number which is located on the bottom of the frame. If your rebounder does not have both of these identifying marks, chances are you have purchased an import.

I have a rebounder that is not a Needak and the jump mat is frayed and needs to be replaced. Can I purchase a new jump mat from Needak? 

Since many imported rebounders copy our design, it is possible that our parts may fit your rebounder. Please visit our replacement parts page to determine if our parts will work on your rebounder. You may also call us toll free at 1-800-232-5762. 

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When can I expect my package to arrive?

Needak® Mfg. primarily ships packages to the continental US via Federal Express ground delivery (unless you have requested an expedited shipping method). As you know, FedEx® is very fast and accurate. If you have supplied an e-mail address, FedEx® will notify you of the tracking number of your package and the projected delivery date. Shipments in Canada are made via several carriers. Choice of carrier will depend on whatever service has the best coverage in your area.

When can I expect my package to arrive if I don’t live in the 48 US states?

Orders delivering into Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico can typically take 5-7 business days. Other parts of the world may take 7-10 days for delivery by air service. FedEx tracking is available worldwide and should there be an issue, claims are settled quickly.

We caution customers when placing orders via Postal Service that delivery times typically take far longer than projections on the Postal Service website. Once a package is consigned for overseas shipment there are no tracking options. Some customers have waited 10 weeks to 9 months for delivery due to ocean transport delays and customs clearance problems. Advertised tracking is not done into areas outside of the 48 US states. Claims can sometimes take 9-12 months to resolve.


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