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Maintaining Your Rebounder

The Needak® rebounder is built to stand the test of time. To ensure a long life for your rebounder and maximize the benefits, we suggest the following routine maintenance.

  • Occasionally lubricate the metal on metal contact points on the springs (clevis pins and mat cleats). We suggest a grease such as Vaseline, Duralube, or other lithium, teflon, or silicone based grease. Some customers report Teflon spray works as well. Liquid oil will drip off of the springs causing a potential hazard and possible stains on your flooring.
  • Should a mat spring break, it should be replaced as quickly as possible. Use of a rebounder that has more than one broken spring puts uneven pressure on the remaining springs and they may be damaged as a consequence.
  • We recommend occasional replacement of the entire set of mat springs. The structure of any spring changes over its useful life and eventually lose its resiliency. See “Replacement Parts” for new springs.

The Needak® rebounder will give you many years of fun and heart healthy exercise if you keep the following in mind:

  • The frame skirt does not protect your toes from becoming entangled in the springs. It is an aesthetic device. It is not a jumping surface. Avoid bouncing directly on the frame skirt.
  • The stabilizing bar is designed to assist you with rebounding by aiding in maintaining your balance. Do not hang on the bar or allow children to use it as jungle gym. This may damage the rebounder legs or attachment points on the frame and will void the warranty.
  • The rebounder is not designed for performing tricks. Do not jump from the floor to the mat surface or from the rebounder to another surface.
  • The polypropylene Mat on your rebounder is built to take years of use. Some authors suggest that rebounding with bare feet adds beneficial massage to the feet. Some suggest that people with or those tending toward pronating ankles should wear shoes. Shoes may be used when rebounding. We suggest that you use caution when rebounding while wearing only socks, other hosiery, or bare feet. The material of some socks or hosiery tend to be slippery against the polypropylene material. You will need to experiment to determine your individual comfort level.

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