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Position the rebounder upright as if you were going to jump on the rebounder. Each skirt has 6 hook & loop straps (like Velcro™) located at the leg positions.

rebounder frame skirt

Step 1.

Some people like to install the frame skirt when the rebounder has all 6 legs on the floor. Others find it easier to raise the rebounder up so it stands on edge with two legs on the floor for support.

rebounder frame skirt replacement

Step 2.

Each skirt has 6 hook & loop straps (like Velcro™) located at the leg positions. Wrap the hook & loop strap around two consecutive legs. The band inside the spring cover is tight and will be easier to slip over the frame if you can begin in this manner.

correctly installed rebounder frame skirt

Step 3.

The more surface area of hooks engaging loops, the better the skirt will perform. Wrap the loop strap (soft side) around the leg radius and then wrap the hook (rough side) going the opposite direction onto the loop side. Make sure to engage as much of the strap onto itself as possible to ensure a tight and secure fit (as demonstrated in the two pictures above right). Do not cross them as an X or press them together pointing into the same direction (as shown in the two pictures to the left).

rebounder frame skirt replacement

Step 4.

Continue around the frame wrapping each hook & loop strap until all 6 pairs are in place.


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