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rebounder springs removal

Step 1.

Slide the screwdriver between the two springs from the mat and between the spring hook and cleat (metal bar) on the left-hand spring of the pair. With a firm grip on the handle you will rotate the handle of the screwdriver to the left (slightly above the surface of the mat). The free end of the blade will rotate toward you.

rebounder spring removal

Step 2.

As the tip of the screwdriver blade pivots toward the body of the spring it will press against the middle of the spring. With your thumb, assist the blade as it slips on top of the spring body. When the tip of the blade is on top of the spring body, release the tip and pull your hand away.

rebounder spring removal

Step 3.

As you continue to rotate the handle to the left, the tip of the screwdriver passes over the body of the spring. At this point begin to lift the handle up as it moves left. This will cause the hook of the spring to clear the cleat and snap rapidly downward toward the frame.

rebounder spring removal

Step 4.

Repeat for the right-hand spring.


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