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Needak Rebounder assmebly

Step 1.

Use any combination of 2 legs-skip one leg between the pair. The hands shown on the picture illustrate which legs to choose.

needak rebounder assembly

Step 2.

Remove rubber leg tips from two legs of the rebounder. Tips may be removed by cradling the leg in your fingers and pushing them off with your thumbs or with a screwdriver as shown. (Do not slip with the screwdriver or you may injure yourself or damage the jump mat). Tip: Apply petroleum jelly to the inside of the leg tips for easier replacement.

Step 3.

Slide the vertical bar/sleeve over the rebounder legs and replace the leg tips.

stabilizing bar assembly

Step 4.

Position bar legs so the spring buttons are pointing away from the rebounder frame. Note: During shipment, the spring buttons may slide away from the hole. Use a needle nose pliers to retrieve the button and reposition.

needak stabilizing bar assembly

Step 5.

Connect the two curved pieces that form the top of the stabilizing bar. Both pieces have a series of 3 holes which indicate the bottom of the bar. These are adjustment holes to set the height of the bar. Looking to the other end of the curved pieces you will see that one of the pieces has a spring button. The other has a single hole. Depress the spring button and push the two pieces together while twisting slightly until the button and hole match. The snap button should pop up through the hole uniting the two pieces.

needak stabilizing bar assembly

Step 6.

You next need to determine the “front” of the stabilizing bar. When standing on the floor in front of the rebounder, the spring button will be to the left of the joint where the two halves meet. (When standing on the rebounder it will logically be on your right.)

Step 7.

Position the top portion of the bar over the vertical legs and slide them down evenly to the desired height and lock in place with the spring buttons. You may need to rotate the bar leg pieces slightly left or right to align with the holes in the curved upper pieces.

needak rebounder with stabilzing bar

Step 8.

The stabilizing bar is designed to flex slightly with your movement as you rebound. Some movement in the assembled bar is normal and necessary to prevent injury.


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