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Safe Comfortable Heat You Can Depend On.

The newly engineered Dr. Heater™ advanced dual heating system produces more heat than other models on the market with an increased heat transfer rate, and evenly heat a space of 1000 square feet.

Dr. Heater uses an advanced Quartz Tube heat source plus a proprietary PTC (Positive Thermal Coefficient) ceramic heat source to generate and distribute more heat than competing units.

We have tried other national recognized heaters and found all lacking.  We were pleasantly surprised with the amazing Dr. Heater™.

Here is our story:  As you know, energy costs continue to rise and our factory building is a very large space to heat.  Natural gas and electricity costs got completely out of hand.  In an effort to economize we turned to quartz heating technology to heat our work stations.  Edenpure® advertises heavily nationwide and offered some pretty good deals on multiple purchases such as we needed.  Although we did see energy savings, the Edenpure® heaters couldn't seem to keep up in our cold winters.  We needed to add additional units to keep up and since we were starting to have problems with the Edenpure® heaters we decided to try Sun Heat® brand heaters.  The dealers are motivated and it appeared they had some improvements over Edenpure® and were at a competitive cost to the Edenpure® heaters.  Much to our surprise, we discovered that they too had some serious issues.

We were convinced that Quartz heating was the way to go and that there had to be a good unit out there.  We decided to do a lot of investigation before buying new heaters.  We looked at everything from the Amish style heaters you see advertised in the newspapers to cheap units at the local hardware and feed stores.  The one that stood out with positive customer reviews was the Dr. Heater™.  We took a chance and ordered a couple of these heaters to test out.  We were shocked at the results.  Two of these little heaters provided more heat than we needed.  Three of the other brand heaters ran continuously and we were always chilly.  Two Dr. Heaters™ rapidly warmed the same room and maintained a very comfortable work environment and the electronic controls allowed them to shut off when temperature was achieved.  The best part is they use 1/2 the space of the other units we have previously used.

There are some very basic things that every quartz heater has:

All of them use components built and assembled somewhere else.  Some feature cases built in the US.
The better ones offer the 1500watt, 1000 square foot heating.
They all have 4 plastic castors to roll them from room to room.
They all have a small fan to move air across the elements and distribute the heat into the living space.
Most have an air filter to keep the elements clean and reduce particulate movement in your living space.
They are all tested for safety by one or more rating organizations and some are approved by the Better Business Bureau.
Many now provide remote control options.

Since so many of these points are all basically the same, why should we compare them.  However, every quartz heater company offers a comparison chart disecting the above-mentioned minutia anyway.  To follow suit, we've generated our own chart, but added some common sense comments they all ignore.  Compare our specs:


 Dr. Heater™




Cabinet MDF-very durable material that resists temperature extremes Plastic MDF
Dimensions in inches 15L x 13W x 16H-the smallest cabinet size available 19.5L x 13W x 17.25H 19.5L x 13W x 17.25H
Heat source Infrared tubes plus a proprietary PTC ceramic heat distribution system. Dual heat source for longer life and more even cost effective heating. Infrared tubes surrounded by copper tubing Infrared tubes with imbeded copper tubing
Weight 25 lbs-more features, better performance, yet no heavier than the big boys 27 lbs 40 lbs
Fan Quiet-barely noticeable and doesn't disturb phone conversations Noisy rattle which can be heard between rooms and floors of a home. Noisiest fan of any heater we've tried. Could be heard over production noise.
Thermostat Electronic heat control for precise temperature set. Computer controls fan speed. Works flawlessly regardless of the outdoor temperature. Electronic system works most of the time. Manual thermostat is not much better than Sun Heater. Thermostats quit working within a few weeks. Many others who bought this brand reported the same problem. Front switch was the only way to control how long it ran. 
Options Humidifier, Fan only for summer, oscillating feature for more even heat distribution color choice color choice

Buy a Dr. Heater from us today and see why we are so excited about them.